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About Working Together Network

This website acts a hub for many websites. All of the shared news, views and resources are generated by others in various websites, including this one. In turn those websites might choose to receive relevant content from the community of websites. 

We invite people and organisations to join us

Communities and organisations are stronger and more innovative when there are obvious, easy and logical ways to share and find knowledge and to collaborate.

This website is for any organisations or people who can make a positive and collaborative contribution to making the world a better place.

It is operated by Flightdec but is, in effect, owned and shared by the participating community. It acknowledges that the needs of the community and the responsibilities for those needs are shared to make it work.

Right now, the Covid-19 event presses the need to work collaboratively, positively and with intent.



Our mission is to help build the capacity and resilience of community organisations in New Zealand, through enabling and promoting collaboration, and by providing easier and more profitable access to publicly available information resources – primarily online.

More on the mission.

We invite people and organisations to join us. Talk to Fraser Carson at fraser@flightdec or call 021 669 1010










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