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Working together more

Building greater capacity and resilience in the community sector is always more easily achieved if the community works together and finds ways to provide mutually supporting ways-and-means.

And it’s not just the community sector working and thinking together; it’s wherever help and knowledge can assist – in business, technology and elsewhere. We want all to participate.

Most people agree that working in isolation is limiting, but when the wisdom and knowledge of the many is available, and effort and mistakes are shared, we all benefit generously.

So more consistent ‘thinking together and acting together’ is needed. And while most of us enjoy the few opportunities to talk and network at events, breaking out of our competitive-silo-habits ultimately requires some bigger game changers. That’s where the reinforcing support of infrastructure and shared processes plays a vital part. That’s where the Working Together Network can help.

We invite people and organisations to join us. Talk to Fraser Carson at fraser@flightdec or call 021 669 1010









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